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Tarot Arkana
(great mysteries)We want to travel the world, to find the […]

the major arcana

Die großen Arkana
instructions to play with the cards introduction straight questions – […]


2 der Schwerter
„To see clear you sometimes just have to change your […]

2 of Swords

As der Schwerter
„Sincerity is probably the boldest form of bravery.“ William Somerset […]

Ace of Swords

Die Schwerter
The swords are part of the minor arcana (the little […]

The swords

Das Gericht
The mind is before all: the mind decides: if your […]

XX Judgement

Die Sonne
Until the end I want to get stronger and more […]

XIX The Sun

Der Mond
„Ah,“ said the Mouse, the world gets tighter every day. […]

XVIII The Moon

Der Stern
If someone wants to learn archery, he focuses on bigger […]

XVII The Star

Der Turm
Live in the way, you would wish to have lived, […]

XVI The Tower

Der Teufel
Over the portals of the ancient world one wrote: „Know […]

XV The Devil

Die Mäßigkeit
The most beautiful harmony comes by bringing opposites together. Heraclitus, […]

XIV Temperance

Der Tod
The aim of life is self development. To bring our […]

XIII Death

There is a reliability, that does not need words, there […]

XI Justice

Rad des Schicksals
True happiness, owned by the wise, is clear, however, Fortune’s […]

X Wheel of Fortune

Der Eremit
Easy to live without levity, to be cheerful without exuberance, […]

IX The Hermit

Die Kraft
The one who recognizes others, is adept. The one who […]

VIII Strength

Die Liebenden
To get to know each other means to learn how […]

VI The Lovers

Der Hierophant
also known as the High Priest Thinking and acting, acting […]

V The Hierophant

Der Herrscher
You need a lot of strength of mind and character […]

IV The Emperor

Die Herrscherin
Just grasp into life! Everyone lives it, not many know […]

III The Empress

1 Der Magier
We are what we think. Everything we are, arises from […]

I The Magician

0 Der Narr
We do not need to live on as we did […]

0 The Fool