IV The Emperor

Der Herrscher

You need a lot of strength of mind and character to find frankness interesting,
even if it hurts, or how to use frankness, without hurting.
Few people are deep enough to stand and to tell the truth.

Marquis de Vauvenargues,
French philosopher, moralist and writer


Positive side:

Here, clearly dominates the reason above emotions and one’s own inner passions. The ruling represents a time that needs order and structure in all situations.
He persistently pursues its objective and powerful will reach them.
We see a person with knowledge and competence, who will always be loyal to its own principles.
The road is lonely, but discipline is here played out convincingly.

Mysterious side:

A character who is unable to control his hidebound emotions, and so due to this immaturity, is not in the position to wield power on the own life nor on the own plans. Hesitation and indecision are the weaknesses, which then lead to a lack of vitality.

Berlin motifs

IV The Emperor:

  • Emporers Mosaic in the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church (Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche)
  • Rams‘ heads details on the candelabra behind the Reichstag building