I The Magician

1 Der Magier

We are what we think.
Everything we are, arises from our thoughts.
With our thoughts we shape the world.

Siddharta Gautama, Buddha is a title of honor used for Prince Siddharta Gautama


Positive side:

The lesson that is now pending here, will be done masterfully with confidence and creativity. Thinking and feeling are in compliance. Skillful and strong-willed here a matter is completed. There is the ability to teach. There is a well-organized person.

Mysterious side:

Lack of imagination makes insecure and leads to indecision.
When there is light, there is also shadow: the mastery skills can also be used for destructive goals.
Remember, you are responsible for your actions.

Berlin motifs

I The Magician:

  • Mosaic in the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church (Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche)
  • Hintergrund: Blick vom Berliner Dom auf den Lustgarten-(Brunnen)
  • Background: View of Berliner Dom to the fountain in the Lustgarten
  • Church altar of the Friedrichswerdersche Kirche
  • Sword of sculpture outside of the Berliner Dom
  • Wand: Mosaic on Gropiusbau
  • Sceptre: window detail in Hohenzollern crypt at the Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom)
  • Flowers: Karolingerplatz, Charlottenburg