XII The Hanged Man

Der Gehängte

Get used if possible at all, what one does,
to locate the following:
What this man aims with this act?

Begin and check with yourself.
Marcus Aurelius, roman emperor (the philosopher-emperor)


Positive side:

A new direction in your life requires new insights. Come back to staff to prepare for new experiences. Regeneration is the magic word. Such a break in one’s life can feel like stagnation and overindulging yourself be the result. Despite a life that feels like a limbo, it is a time of change. By letting go in this situation, it comes to new perspectives.
Letting go means accepting and let this happen when everything is done that could be done – that means the giving up of control in a developing phase.
In this phase of transformation, the solution will show unintentionally. You come to new insights by clearly seeing through the situation.

Mysterious side:

Dreamers, who are engrossed in their ego, behave passively and are unable to give your environment a little out of himself.
When apathy and a tendency to phlegm disperse, this is an urgent message and it is  time to look at your thoughts and change them. The necessary internal readiness can only be created by itself. In conclave you can get the motivation for the necessary change efforts.

Berlin motifs

XII The Hanged Man:

  • Sculpture: Haydn monument in Victoria Park at the Kreuzberg
  • Background: Spreebogen Center (Interior Ministry) with the Spree river