X Wheel of Fortune

Rad des Schicksals

True happiness, owned by the wise, is clear,
however, Fortune’s ball rolls.

Christoph Martin Wieland, German Poet


Positive side:

Fate is the way of life of people.
What influences the aptness of your life, is a question of conscious attitude towards happiness and suffering – or more generally to the concept of fate.
Fortuna’s cornucopia and tribulations are so close together, that as you were just favored, you can make in the next period a stroke of fate. The position of the card in the Tarot is significantly – whether happy or unpleasant turn in your case is pending the inquiry.
Much more important is the personal deal with it. Because neither happiness nor suffering are eternally at your side.

Mysterious side:

Undreamed influence of unexpected events can occur to your life. Gain or loss, pain and suffering – all a matter of how you look at this. When we look closely, we learn, that exactly the painful blows provide positive opportunities for our personal growth.
In each variability is therefore a great opportunity ready for personal growth. Look at it and you will see that there are people who love you and assist you.  

Berlin motifs

X Wheel of Fortune:

  • Ferris wheel and amusement „700 Years of Charlottenburg“ Anniversary
  • 4 elements: façade reliefs in Berlin-Mitte