V The Hierophant

also known as the High PriestDer Hierophant

Thinking and acting, acting and thinking –
that is the sum of all wisdom.
Both shall move in and out,
such as inhalation and exhalation;
As question and answer one should not take place without the other.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet.


Positive side:

Trust and faith characterize here the person.
In the question it is certainly helpful to be aware of its traditional heritage and to follow your inner voice.
Personal adjustment efforts may then lead to the desired values ​​such as humility, kindness, and inner wisdom.
This card can stand for a believing, philosophical or spiritual leader.

Mysterious side:

Bias and lack of insecurity concerning the own personality, or rather the lack of basic trust, let people do things such as how to behave unconventionally.

 This means instability, excessive sweetness or a willingness to secure their own advantage by flattery.

 Unilateral beliefs that were meaningful in your live may change and clear the way for further development.

 First you check and then you detach from old mottoes or ancient teachings, which you feel obligated. Allow is the magic word. 

Berlin motifs

V The Hierophant:

  • Hierophant: Mosaic on Gropiusbau
  • Background: Carillon at the Tiergarten  
  • Columns in front of the Delphi Palace Kantstraße, Charlottenburg
  • Monk: Luther relief on the facade Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom)
  • Woman at the Schiller Memorial, Gendarmenmarkt
  • Key: Gertraud monument of Berlin Mitte
  • Lilies: Devil Mountain (Teufelsberg) allotment, Wilmersdorf