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straight questions – clear answers

the Wh-questions

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The psychologist Carl Jung said that the only person aware of his own feelings, thoughts, impressions and memories can perceive.
However, there is also the unconscious, which feeds on the forgotten or repressed, and what you have recorded in early childhood life into the subconscious.

If I draw a tarot card, then I assume that in our unconscious participatory life forces (both friendly and less friendly) are active. Am I still own the conscious subjective perception of my development, then shows me the Tarot card the exchange of views between the conscious and the unconscious.

The clearly-asked question I get a clear answer or response as to what touched me the time and it affected my future.

Wishy-washy questions lead to vague answers!
Likewise, multiple drawings bring the same question not only clarity but also illogical to light.

All in all, the draw of the day pass a summary statement is to your question, supported by the currently existing condition of your self.
I personally use the maps as decision support and uncertainty for my self.
I know then what I have to respect and can thus my little devils, which prevent me from progressing on, grab something quick.
And who knows better than you. Maybe you can supposedly tricky situations in your life faster and more effectively manage and therefore successful.01_StempelBerlin Spirit_600_hell

straight questions – clear answers

Ask your question clearly and accurately to the theme you are interested in.
Straight  questions give clear answers!
Draw your cards. They can then give you answers about a specific event or tell you in which condition things are in your relevant topic.

The information tarot gives you shows your momentary state of mind, your emotions and the predominant expression of your inner attitude.

  • Questions can reflect the current situation.
  • Questions can reflect the energy you need for your present being.
  • Questions can clarify the choice between two alternatives.
  • Questions can provide clues to a constructive clarification of an existing situation.
  • BECAUSE – questions lead to answers, personal responsibility is taken and decisions are made.


  • You won’t get clear information if you ask questions that lead to a „yes-or-no-answer“
  • These  questions usually start with “will there be…”
    Please choose a different formulation.
  • The same applies to the non sense questions about the motivation of the motives or actions of other people. These questions usually begin with “why…”
  • Be careful with questions that include wishful thinking. You will get the answer you want to have, but this won’t  be helpful.01_StempelBerlin Spirit_600_hell

    the Wh-questions
    (the „W and how-questions“)

    If you know where something leads you,
    you will bear everything on your way
    Friedrich Nietzsche
    I personally prefer the Wh-questions method.
    This question method is used to detect well-structured thought processes. This assumes that the subject matter is known as such.
    • What for …? What …? How …?
    • What causes …? What are the consequences …? What effects …?
    Examples of questions:
    • What for do I want/ need … ?
    • What can I do to handle my separation from …?
    • How should I approach my next job interview?
    • What chance does my work as freelance have?
    • How are my financial prospects?
    • Which good things can I do for my partnership?
    • How are my prospects regarding …?
    • What can I do for my well-being?
    • What happens if I accept this job?
    • What happens if I change  idea concerning my career?
    • What does my today tell me about my job, partnership, etc.?
    • What are the consequences of my today actions concerning …?
    When you find yourself in a situation you don’t understand then it can be clarifying for you
    if you ask the following questions
    • What has been the trigger for …?  or
    • How did it happen that … failed ?
    Thank you for your attention!
    I wish you a clear view, luck and
    successful card drawing!

    Yours Ute Weiss-Ding01_StempelBerlin Spirit_600_hell