Ace of Swords

As der Schwerter„Sincerity is probably the boldest form of bravery.“

William Somerset Maugham, english playwriter, author, dotcor and agent


Positive side:

You are courageous and committed to the cause.
You are capable to compare experiences or also plenty of information and due to your intellect you have the courage to overcome any obstacles.
Aware of your responsability, you take wise, intelligent and objective decisions.
When you remain true to yourself, when you accept enthousiasme and love as a spice, you will be succesfull with your energy.

Mysterious Side:

Are there to many obstacles or barriers in your way right now? Becuase of prejudices your objective thinking is cloudy, so there is quarrel and injustice.
It helps to analyse the situation and then to clarify with objectivity and quietness.
With conscious cognition you can develop your personal strenght.

In everyday life:

Whether in jour job or in love, here you have the chance to understand and to clarify.

Berlin motifs

Ace of Swords:

  • Siegfried at the Bismarck memorial, Tiergarten
  • New Kranzlereck
  • Sword of sculpture outside of the Berliner Dom