XVII The Star

Der SternIf someone wants to learn archery,
he focuses on bigger targets first.
With the progress of his art, he goes to smaller targets.
As well: when the mind has been trained,
to focus on clear images,
it will be easy to focus on shapeless things.
Râmakrishna, Hindu mystic


Positive side:

This is the card of healing and hope, a good sign that your existing projects come to a positive outcome. You have here a hopeful inner alignment coupled with an affirmative orientation that what you consider to be desirable occurs in the future, without an absolute certainty for you to achieve this or even to obtain. No matter where you invest your energy, it will lead to a visibly successful outcome.

Mysterious side:

Due to a lack of opportunities, it is not the right time right now, to wish something and to achieve it.
To pursue your goals persistently guides you to unfulfilled expectations because of the absence of propositions.
Confidence and serenity are the magic words: you will get the right compensation for your efforts but: not now. Internalization of the wise words of Ramakrishna, offers helpful support in your learning process. 

Berlin motifs

XVII The Star:

  • Woman figure at the Neptune fountain (Neptunbrunnen)
  • Lake: Lietzensee, Charlottenburg
  • Palace: Schloss Pfaueninsel
  • Stars: grid details at Charlottenburg Palace