VI The Lovers

Die Liebenden

To get to know each other means
to learn how alien we are for each other.
„There is nothing that I could not forgive me and nothing
that would not want to overcome.“ – steps

Christian Morgenstern, German poet


Positive side:

Above everything there is the freedom of the emotion love and which kind of emotional freedom you go for during this period is always adequate to the situation.
This may be a flirt as well as a deep friendship.
The desire in a love affair or the perceived trust in a deeper love, the testing, the speculation or the optimistic view towards the futures- here you are able to face your feelings and decide.
Love has many faces and names: partners love, family love, love of animals, nature, love, oops, even patriotism, etc., etc.

Mysterious side:

Disillusionment in love, or even in marriage – you will have to face this if you are a specialist in looking away even if you have known better.
Other people might know at this time to mean what is best for you and interfere without having been asked.
Check all the consequences in such situations, then you can feel again the beauty, the harmony of love, and before all the love for yourself – only this can teach you how to love.
 I do not agree with Erich Fromm, who wrote that love for yourself means selfishness. I think the love to yourself opens your inner door, to feel the closeness to other people and to accept.

Berlin motifs

VI The Lovers:

  • Concluding sculptures at the Metropolitan Theatre at Nollendorfplatz in Schöneberg
  • Angel from Bornstedter Cemetery
  • Crown: facade element Theater des Westens, Charlottenburg
  • Background: Charlottenburg Palace (Schloss Charlottenburg)
  • Roses at Karolinger Platz, Charlottenburg
  • Snake from Neptune fountain in Mitte