XV The Devil

Der TeufelOver the portals of the ancient world one wrote:
„Know thyself!“
Over the doors of our new world there should be written:
„Be yourself!“

Oscar Wilde, Irish author


Positive side:

The devil is in details and this looks different for everyone – that’s why it’s important to watch which one the devil likes most in your life right now.
Is it the devil called addiction that makes you will-less, or is it there a little devil, that lets you feel powerless and you stay sitting on your couch, although you still would rather go walking? Finally, Mr. devil is inside all of us and therefore the highest concentration is to guide our thinking, which can lead us into the abyss of negativity. These abyss have names like: dependence, addiction, immaturity, paternalism, to be a decal of your own, avarice and vice of any kind .

Mysterious side:

If you manage to become the master of your thoughts, then you are able to pull yourself out of all mental bondage. You will learn to recognize your needs and then act them out in a healthy way. If you learn to look deep inside yourself without any prejudice at your “evil sides” that you fear so much, you will feel that these sides have never been so scary.
They have only been occupied with fear because of your own cloudy apperception. Overcome your fears and you will be free. You are the master of your thoughts. Let’s see whether freedom is endurable! 

Berlin motifs

XV The Devil:

  • Devil face at candelabra behind the Reichstag building
  • Woman sculpture: on Museum Island (Museumsinsel)
  • Man with chains: figure on the Great Elector (Großer Kurfürst) monument in front of the Charlottenburg Palace
  • Dwarf figure at Wagner Memorial in the Tiergarten
  • Background: New Kranzlereck
  • Below: Barbecue fire