III The Empress

Die Herrscherin

Just grasp into life!
Everyone lives it, not many know it.
And where you get it, there it is interesting.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet


Positive side:

What a soulful, vibrant, healthy and fruitful time of life and what a joy – the birth of something new is on – which can also mean the fulfillment of a wish for children.
Felt wealth and improvement in everything imaginable from material wealth through to artistic creation everything is possible.

Mysterious side:

Lack of attention and indifference paired to indecision and hesitance are the opponents who prevent the progress and the growth.
This may lead to the fear, delay and thus also lead to losses of any kind.

Berlin motifs

III The Empress:

  • Mosaic on Gropiusbau in Kreuzberg
  • Park: Savignyplatz, Charlottenburg
  • Waterfall in Viktoriapark at the Kreuzberg mountain
  • Stars: grid details at Charlottenburg Palace
  • Roses: Cecilie Gardens, Friedenau
  • Child at the monument „Großer Kurfürst“ at the Schloss Charlottenburg
  • Sceptre relief on the monument Frederick I (III) in front of the Charlottenburg Palace