2 of Swords

2 der Schwerter„To see clear you sometimes just have
to change your point of view.“

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, French pilot and writer


Positive side:

Your inner doubter says hello. With joy he blocks your feelings and detains the answers you need in this situation.
It could be that conflicts are pushed on the back burner. Because of this recovered balance you come to clamness and perhaps also to an apparently harmony.
But: Either everything remains as it was before or the necessary change has only been postponed.

Mysterious Side:

When you have to do an unpleasent decision you may be rejecetive an undecisive. Fearful behavior can be the result.
The good thing is: In a muddled and stagnant state of affairs it is advisable to use the stagnacy in the right way. Bring clarity in the situation an with a fresh look on the situation you can create new and reasonable solutions.

In everyday life:

To realize that decisiveness guides you more into calmness and relaxation, than to close your eyes and to wait out your inability to decide.

Berlin motifs

2 of swords:

  • Sculpture at Landgericht Charlottenburg
  • View on the Spree river, Reichstag, Band des Bundes
  • Sword(s) of sculpture outside of the Berliner Dom