XVIII The Moon

Der Mond„Ah,“ said the Mouse, the world gets tighter every day.
First she was so wide that I was afraid I kept running and was happy that I saw walls in the distance on the left and the right side,
but these long walls rush so quickly to each other,
that I’m already in the last room, and there in the corner stands the trap that I run in.
„You only have to change the direction,“ said the cat, and ate the mouse.
Franz Kafka, writer


Positive side:

This card gibes you an answer when you ask a clear question. Is there a psychological or a mundane answer? In the mental sphere, there is the desire for awareness and insights into your own inner wisdom.
Unfortunately this way can be filled with unnamed fears and apprehensions. Well, it would be good to approach the inner fears with professional assistance (good psychotherapist) and to clarify them, and then transform them, so you can continue your life confidently and trustful.
In mundane matters this card stands for dishonesty and fraudulent intent. But with your caution and farsightedness in your business affairs or personal relationships, you can avoid the hazard.

Mysterious side:

Here the little fraud can be detected in advance through awareness and abandon of inner fears, so that there won’t be such great harm. Here again, power is born in silence. This will prevent you from making hasty decisions. Thus, you will also move safe in the deceptive moonlight. There are hidden secret motives such as jealousy, hypocrisy, jealousy, falsehood, and many more; if they are clearly identified and named, they will be able to give you a warning. The see-saw the stop and go will end and you will be able to continue your way honestly and without sorrow and achieve your goal. 

Berlin motifs

XVIII The Moon:

  • Sculptures at the entrance to the park Glienicke, Zehlendorf
  • Cancer of Neptune Fountain
  • Background: buildings and Obelisk sculpture, Kudamm / Joachimstaler Str. / Augsburger Strasse, Charlottenburg