IX The Hermit

Der Eremit

Easy to live without levity,
to be cheerful without exuberance,
to have courage without arrogance,
trust and joyful devotion to show
without treacherous fatalism –
this is the art of life.

Theodor Fontane, German writer and pharmacist


Positive side:

Here you are ready to meet a major teacher or counselor – may it be for your personal development or for an upcoming project. Or perhaps someone is asking for your advice. If you need to take a heart decision, retirement is the right start to get to a good decision. Such introspection in which you voluntarily go in conclave, is a liberating personal experience. Pass your knowledge and your dispatch willingly to public good.

Mysterious side:

Here there is a tendency to hold rich knowledge. An inability to undertake something with other persons. This shows  a loner who is acting with exaggerated caution.
Stubborn behavior paired with thoughtlessness can lead to extensions of dispensable self-inflicted problems. Here you need clarity towards your own actions. Clarify this and with prudence and observation you will find your own center. 

Berlin motifs

IX The Hermit:

  • Figure in front of the Old National Gallery (Alte Nationalgalerie, Museumsinsel)
  • Background: Christmas market on Gendarmenmarkt with French Cathedral  (Französischer Dom)
  • Berlin-Charlottenburg gas lantern