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We do not need to live on as we did yesterday.
Change this point of view, and a thousand possibilities,
will invite you to a new life.

Christian Morgenstern, German author


Positive side:
The adventure of life attracts – the person is unconcerned at this stage and equipped with a touch of irresponsibility.

Why worrying about anything? There is enthusiasm and joy in my life, so why should detail be taken into consideration?
The guiding idea here pretends to take the easy way, accompanied with passionate feelings and spontaneous action.
Youthful innocence and joy of exploration are the leading in this lifetime.

Mysterious side:
To get to the right decision may fail because of lack of self confidence.

A well-intentioned advice is ignored.
The risk one is willing to take is very high despite inadequate preparation and can then lead into the abyss.
Delaying tactics are the reason for no systematic and purposeful action.  

Berlin motifs

0 – Der Narr:

  • Figure on the roof of Reichstag building (Reichstagsgebäude) in Tiergarten
  • Left building: Daimler-City at Potsdamer Platz
  • Right side: old sewage pumping station on the River Spree in Friedrichshain at the Schilling Bridge
  • Fern: Berlin backyard landscaping
  • House facade greening: Victoria Luise Platz, Schöneberg
  • Paintings of children: Summer Flea Market 2006, Suarezstraße