VIII Strength

Die Kraft

The one who recognizes others, is adept.
The one who knows himself, is wise.

The one who defeats others, has muscle forces.
The one who defeats himself, is strong.
The one who is happy, is rich.
The one who does not lose his center, will last.

Lao Tse, Chinese philosopher


Positive side:

Energy, courage and determination are now the incitement and companions in your life. Your appearance is impressive and your actions have a clear aim. Your inner strength results from the harmony with yourself. That is why you o forward towards liberation of the love the lives in your heart. Here you can then let others be as they are, accept them and look over so-called „mistakes.“  Here you can trust and with perseverance you will achieve your goals.

Mysterious side:

Deep within us there are undetected fears. These fears can also be covered consciously.
This fear is the destructive side of your personal strength.
Your denied power turns against yourself and manifests in abuse of power, petty behavior – even in the inability to understand the small imperfections of oneself and of others.
Denied fears are a true source of disease. What to do? Become aware of your fears, take all your inner courage and look at your own behavior. Name your fears and liberate your real creative self.
You will increasingly feel your own true power, that will let you act lovingly in the future in difficult situations. 

Berlin motifs

VIII Strength:

  • Woman figure from the Schinkel exhibition Friedrichswerdersche Kirche
  • Lion in front of Altes Museum, Museum Island (Museumsinsel), Mitte
  • Background: New National Gallery (Neue Nationalgalerie), flipping the Mathäus Church
  • Rosaries: Cecilie gardens in Friedenau